VİPSAŞ Digital Cinema

A while ago, with the combined efforts of a few select major studios in Hollywood in an attempt to find alternative to worldwide standard of 35 mm films, an organization called Digital Cinema Initiatives.

Digital Cinema

This organization sets the new standards of transition from film projections to digital projection (DCI) in this digital era. This transition without a doubt is one of the most major change in the history of cinema.

Today, instead of analog films used for many years, hard disks containing DCP (Digital Cinema Packaging) are being used which results in, copies which never lost it's quality no whether how many times It was played and duplication and distribution became much more easier. This advantage resulted in reduced prices in the market and an increase in competition and It is becoming more and more popular.

Vipsas is closely following the latest developments in the fields of Digital Cinema and more recently Stereoscopic 3D as It becomes more popular, and using latest technologies and with It's experienced and proficient staff, continues to offer It's customers full services in this area.