DI (Digital Intermediate) VİPSAŞ 

With today's technology, there is virtually no limit to what can be done in regards to postproduction. This technology allows us to change and develop a project's (either digital or analog) editing, coloring or it's special effects before the final printmaster by producing a high resolution digital master.

Digital Intermediate

Stereoscopic 3D

Because of the 4-6 cm separation between our eyes, our two eyes have a different vantage point from each other and therefore have a different image/perspective. These two different perspectives reaches the brain and a 3d dimension perception called 'parallax' occurs.

Stereoscopic 3D uses these same principals. Just like we receive two different images from our eyes, two different images were sent to the screen and with special glasses which enables our left and right eye to see two different images, the parallax effect in the brain can be accomplished.

Stereoscopic 3D progressed considerably in recent years, due to developing technology and increasing production and postproduction opportunities and of course due to digital cinema becoming more popular It became so much more easy to give this experience to the spectators more realistically and with greater numbers.


Film Scanning

Using the latest technology, we offer high quality and high resolution film scanning.

  • Cintel Ditto 4K/2K scanner and 35mm and 16mm original negative, inter positive, inter negative and positive film scanning.
  • Digital wet-gate
  • Post scanning restoration
  • Reducing grains and noise
  • Eliminating horizontal and vertical lines
Film Scanning

Digital Intermediate

Color Correction, Conforming, Compositing, Titling and Finishing

RAW, data and DPX conforming up to 4K, compositing, color correction and finishing.

  • NUCODA FilmMaster SD, HD, 2K, 4K and Stereoscopic 3D
  • DVS Clipster 4K
  • DVS SpycerBOX
  • DVS Clipster 2K
  • Quantel eQ with QColor
  • Apple Color


2D and stereoscopic 3D subtitle forming

RAW, data and DPX conforming up to 4K, compositing, color correction and finishing.

  • Digital Cinema
  • 3D Digital Cinema
  • Blu-Ray and DVD 2D and 3D subtitle



Extended burn-in for RAW files (Time code, title, logo, dailies information etc.)

Forming daily deliveries and copies from RAW format to high speed Apple ProRes and DNxHD

High speed digital dailies and master copies

  • LIN and LOG DPX formind
  • Analog, DV, HDV, Digital, HdCam transfers
  • Mpeg, Quicktime, Avi conversion and transfer
  • Codec file transfers
  • Data transfers
  • DVD and Blu-ray copies